Refrigerator GN2/1 - 200x80x70 cm - 650 L


The Polar Refrigeration Refrigerator 200x80x70 cm will keep your dishes and food fresh. Its huge capacity of 650 L will allow you to store large quantities. Composed of 20 levels, it is provided with 4 grids. The thermostat is adjustable: the temperature can range from -2 to +8 °C.

85,00 € tax excl.


The air circulation ensures constant and optimal temperatures for food preservation. 

It is possible to place 8 gastronorm trays, not included in the price, inside this refrigerator (gastronorm trays to be placed on the grids). 

Transport must be carried out by Happy Days Reception to keep the refrigerator in good condition. On wheels, this refrigerator is mobile.