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General terms and conditions of rental (GRC)

These General Terms and Conditions of Rental (GRC) define the contractual relationship between HAPPY DAYS RECEPTION (HDR) and the tenant (The client). In particular, in the event of a dispute, they allow to define the responsibilities between HAPPY DAYS RECEPTION and the tenant. These GRC are available on our website, on request from our warehouse in Mérignac. The approval of the quotation and/or the deposit of the deposit check constitutes acceptance of these GRC.

Order & Amendment

For an order to be effective, the tenant must either pay a downpayment and/or give a deposit check. A reservation form is then sent to the tenant (by email, or by hand, etc.). The equipment is then booked for the tenant on the dates indicated on the reservation form. The tenant then has the possibility to modify the reserved quantities up to 15 days before the date of his rental  (for less equipment, up to -30% per reserved item, for more equipment without quantity limit, subject to availability).

Provision of equipment - Removal of equipment

The tenant will be able to collect and bring back the equipment himself to our HDR warehouse in Mérignac, whose address appears on the reservation form. No equipment will be given to the tenant in the absence of the deposit check. The removal of the equipment and the loading of the vehicle, truck, etc. is carried out by the tenant and on his sole responsibility.  When the equipment is collected, the tenant acknowledges that he receives the equipment in accordance with the reservation form (quantity, designation, etc.), in good condition, clean and ready for use. After the removal of the equipment, no dispute will be accepted and only the HDR inventory will be valid. On the day of the removal of the equipment and in the particular case where the conditions of transport are dangerous for the safety of the equipment and/or persons, HDR reserves the right not to deliver the equipment to the tenant.  This is particularly the case for sensitive equipment such as Napoleon chairs, which must be transported in an enclosed and protected environment in order not to damage them during transport (no trailer or roof bar for example). The tenant must also plan the adequate means to handle with care heavy and bulky equipment such as ovens for caterers for example.

Transport & Delivery

The tenant has the possibility to ask to be delivered to his place of reception. The cost of transport depends on the volume, the journey and the delivery times. The conditions of accessibility of the equipment must be precisely stipulated by the tenant. Delivery will be made, unless otherwise agreed in advance by contract, in the immediate vicinity of the unloading area (unloading at the foot of the truck). The loading or unloading time must not exceed 20 minutes without prior contractual agreement. Any handling not provided for in the order or a waiting / unloading longer than 20 minutes will give rise to additional invoicing according to the rate in effect. At the end of the rental period, the equipment must be reconditioned as it was originally and positioned in the same place as when it was unloaded. When the equipment is delivered, the tenant acknowledges that he receives the equipment in accordance with the reservation form (quantity, designation, etc.), in good condition, clean and ready for use. In the absence of an inventory carried out by the tenant at the time of delivery, no dispute will be accepted. 

Use of the equipment - Responsability

The tenant declares that he knows how the rented equipment works. He undertakes to use the equipment in normal conditions. HDR is authorised to check on site the conditions of installation, use and maintenance of the equipment. The tenant acknowledges that he is able and entitled to use the rented equipment. Throughout the rental period, the tenant is responsible for protecting the equipment against any voluntary or involuntary damage (vandalism, loss, theft, etc.), he is solely responsible for the equipment entrusted to him. He must take all necessary measures, if he deems it appropriate, to protect himself against any damage. Any missing or damaged equipment will be invoiced according to the HDR scale in effect, at the new price and without any obsolescence in addition to the rental price. In order to guarantee the equipment and the payment of the rental, a deposit check is required from the tenant. It can be cashed in the case of non-payment of the rental or in the case of non-payment of missing or damaged equipment. The tenant is not entitled to any compensation in the event of interruption or malfunction of the rented equipment. In no way, HDR cannot be held responsible for any damage of any kind, in particular operating loss, resulting from the use or inability to use the rented equipment.

Rental period

The rental period is specified in the commercial documents (quotation, reservation, etc.). The rental period begins the day before or the same day of use and ends the next day or the same day of use, regardless of the time of pickup or return of the equipment. On saturday and sunday, the company is closed, these two days are considered as one day. For a weekend rental, the equipment is therefore recoverable/ deliverable from Friday (the day before the rental) and will be returned on Monday (the day after the rental). A single rental fee will be applied. Without prior formal agreement, any additional day of rental will result in an additional charge of 30% of the fixed amount of the rental. Beyond 8 calendar days, the equipment not returned is considered lost and will be invoiced at the new price in addition to the rental price. The rental is due, whether the equipment is used or not.

Material return

The tenant is required to return the equipment in its original packaging (crate, cardboard box, bag, etc.), sorted by category and packaged as originally. The equipment is kept clean except for the tablecloth and crockery, which must however be cleared of all waste. When the equipment is returned, a contradictory inventory can be carried out with the tenant if the equipment is perfectly reconditioned as it was at the beginning. Otherwise, HDR reserves the right to carry out an inventory after washing and reconditioning.


Except by prior and contractual agreement, all our invoices are due upon receipt. At the end of the rental period and after payment of the invoice, the tenant will be able to get back directly from our warehouse in Mérignac his deposit check. Otherwise, the deposit check will be destroyed by HDR in the 15 days following the payment of the invoice. In the particular case of unpaid amounts at the end of the rental period, HDR reserves the right to take legal action against the tenant and to cash the deposit check to recover the amounts due.


The rented equipment remains the sole property of the HDR Company and the tenant is prohibited from allowing it to be seized by one of its creditors.


HDR reserves the right to cite its tenants and to present its services as a reference, in order to promote its activity.


For any dispute, the Bordeaux Court will have sole jurisdiction.