Notre entrepôt de Mérignac sera en travaux de février à avril 2024. Devant notre entrepôt, contactez-nous au 09 81 81 68 35 afin d’accéder à notre show-Room et/ou pour récupérer du matériel. Merci de votre compréhension

Organize an event

With HAPPY DAYS RECEPTION renting your reception equipment has never been easier !

Step 1: Define your needs and make your quotation

To that end, you can CHOOSE :

  • Make a quotation on our website in a few clicks. You will find on our website all our trendy articles with photos and prices in all transparency. You can make your own quotation online by filling in your cart and indicating the dates of your reception. You will then receive, automatically and instantly, your quotation in your mailbox. All you have to do is return the mail to us or call us to make your reservation request.

  • Come and meet us at our Show-Room located at 22 avenue de la Grange Noire in Mérignac, where we will be happy to welcome you from 9:30am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday. Our advisers will assist you in your choices and will make your tailor-made quotation as close as possible to your desires and needs.  

  • Call us on 09 81 81 68 35 where our teams, at your disposal, will take note of your needs and advise you. You will then receive by email your quotation. All you have to do is return the mail to us or call us to make your reservation request.

Note : If you wish to be delivered, you will need to specify the location of your reception and the special conditions of access. In view of the volume to be transported, our teams will determine the cost of transport and thus complete your quotation. 

Step 2 : Booking of equipment

A return of your quotation in the form of a GOOD FOR AGREEMENT is sufficient in the majority of cases to reserve your equipment. However, Happy Days Reception requires a deposit check in advance in the case of an order with delivery or in the case of an order of a certain amount. This deposit check will be used to guarantee the equipment when it is made available. 

Once the equipment has been booked, you have UP TO 15 DAYS before your reception to reduce the quantities of the items ordered. Additions of equipment are possible on the simple condition that the requested equipment is available on the requested dates.

Step 3 : The availability - delivery of the equipment

The equipment is made available or delivered the day before your reception and must be returned the day after your reception. In the case of a reception during the weekend, the equipment is made available on Friday during opening hours and must be returned on Monday also during opening hours. Only one rental package will be billed.

It is imperative that a DEPOSIT CHECK is given (not cashed) so that the equipment can be made available.

The equipment is packaged in specially designed packaging, bags and containers. You can check and inventory the equipment.

Step 4 : Return of the material

At the end of your event, SORT AND RECONDITION the equipment exactly as it was before.

The crockery can be made dirty but food must be removed, glasses emptied, tablecloths shaken.

An INVENTORY is made when the equipment is returned.

If the equipment is complete and the rental is paid in full, the deposit check is returned to you. In case of breakage, loss or damage of the equipment, the deposit check will be returned to you after payment of the rental including loss and/or damage.


Take note of our General Terms and Conditions of Rental (GRC).

Professionals :

  • Group meals (weddings, mass catering, etc.),
  • Seminars, Tastings,
  • Company receptions, open days, inaugurations,
  • End of year meals, conferences, etc.

Individuals :

  • Engagement, weddings, births, baptisms, communions,
  • Birthdays, family and friends meals,
  • Housewarming

Companies :

  • Customer - supplier reception, Inaugurations, New product launches,
  • Open days, Seminars, Company meals, conferences,
  • Gala evenings, shows, exhibitions and fairs

Exhibitions :

  • Exhibition furniture, decoration and stand equipment,
  • Catering equipment,
  • Signage and beaconing
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