Champagne glass

Happy Days Reception offers you its elegant champagne glasses. The glasses are provided clean. The cleaning service is included in the price.

Image Verre à Champagne Unit price Quantity
Champagne glass Elegance Champagne Flute - 17 cl - box of 49 glasses
8,82 €
Champagne glass Prestige Champagne Flute - 17 cl - box of 49 glasses
17,64 €
Champagne glass Elegance Champagne cup - 16 cl - box of 25 glasses
6,50 €

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  • Champagne flutes : they are used to receive champagne or other refined drinks. Indeed, the tapered shape of these glasses allows the champagne to sparkle longer and contributes to the development of flavours. The Elegance flute is traditional, the Prestige flute is distinguished.
  • Champagne cup : despite its name, is more suitable for cocktails made with cream or fruit, by its shape.